New Fire Pit and Paver Patio

In late July of 2014, we had a custom fire pit installed in the back yard to help enjoy your Northwoods fires at night in style and comfort. While a fire in the evening is always enjoyed with Up North vacations, we knew it could be improved upon from our previous setup. Not only does the new paver patio and stone fire pit look better, it’s much more comfortable, cleaner and safer for your our guests.

So if you come visit us in the future, we’re sure you’ll want to make an evening fire in the backyard overlooking the lake a staple of your daily itinerary. We have enjoyed the improvement, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as well and make it a centerpiece of your activities as you enjoy the lakefront. Here are a few photos of the installation process from this past summer! Click on a photo to open the gallery to cycle through them all.