Bluegill and sunfish, or panfish for simplicity, are plentiful in Clark Lake. In fact, you can catch them directly off of our dock with a worm and bobber…it doesn’t get any easier than that. Panfish make great table fare, and there isn’t much better than a fish fry full of bite size pieces of panfish fillets.

Catching panfish on an ultralight rod and reel setup is a blast. You can fish them with live bait under a bobber…a piece of night crawler or wax worm, or casting artificial lures like a small jig and plastic grub. Panfish are active and feeding almost all year round whether you’re on the boat, off the dock or through the ice. They spawn in the late spring in the shallows, and are highly territorial during this time. When the males are defending the spawning beds they will literally defend it to the death. They will bite at anything in sight. The beds are made in the shallows by the fish swimming in circles rapidly to dig out an indention in the lake bottom. The bed looks something about the size of an elephant footprint, if you can imagine that. In the late spring when the cottonwood trees release their cotton seeds, troll the lake in search of the bluegill and sunfish beds along shore, and then hold on.

You don’t need to venture any further than Clark Lake itself to find some of the best panfishing in the area. Numerous guests have raved about the conveniences of watching their children catch bluegills and sunnies right off the dock. Hours of fun literally at your fingertips.

You’ve heard the old adage, “give a child a fish, and they’ll eat for a day…teach a child to fish, and they’ll eat for a lifetime.” Clark Lake is the perfect opportunity to teach your child to fish and ensure they won’t be bored. If you’re looking for a fishing guarantee, then you need to come and visit us on Clark Lake and give the panfish a try…you won’t be disappointed. We invite you to come experience it for yourself.