Clark Lake Home Improvements

Clark Lake Home Improvements - Tile work and new carpet on stairsFinding a time to make home improvements to the house while not disturbing any of our guests can be tricky. But we took advantage of a couple weeks in March that were slower to change out the carpet area in the basement in front of the walk-out entry way and replace it with ceramic tile. As the stairway to the basement and out the back sliding doors to the back yard is a main traffic area, it made more sense to change this to tile in order to withstand the foot traffic better.

This project has been on our list from the day we bought the house, but we had to wait for a time when we had a couple weeks open in the rental schedule to get it done. If you’ve stayed at the house in the past, or if you will be in the future, we hope you will enjoy this improvement. The carpet on the stairs was getting pretty dirty, and so we’ve changed this out to give a cleaner look.

Many thanks to Troy and his handiwork for completing the tile in the basement and new carpet on the stairs.

About the same time, we mounted the 60″ flat panel television in the basement to the wall on an articulating mount for more versatility and a cleaner setup which adds more room to the family area.

Hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Jeff & Sherry

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